How to sew a cat pillow

diy cat pillow

Hello, I decided to sew this original and very soft “Pink Cat” or cat pillow. It can be used both as a toy and as a pillow. To make it, we will need half a meter of pink fleece, black fleece, white fleece, filler, thick black threads, as well as multicolored fleece with any kind of a pattern, we will need it for a bow, and a hot glue gun also.

  • First of all, take a sheet of paper (blank) of the size equal to our future cat pillow, which is 40*35cm. Draw a contour, eyes, nose and whiskers of our cat.
    Transfer its snout’s details onto a blank sheet of paper and cut out. The upper paws: a rectangle 4*30cm of size and a tuft like cats’; lower paws will be the same, but a little shorter, only 10 cm long.

pattern cat pillow
Cut out the cat’s basis of pink fleece 40*35cm of size.

  • Cut all its parts. By the way, make the nose two times as large as we have on the picture. Later you will understand why. Cut out the eyes of white fleece, nose will be black, paws – pink with white, tail is also pink (make it at your own discretion, I have 20 cm long one).
    Assemble the nose. To do this, take a needle and thread and stitch along the circle edge. Then, tighten it and stuff with the filler.
    Here it the nose we’ve got.

how to sew a cat pillow
As you’ve already understood, we are preparing all the small details. Sew together the tail parts.
Turn it out and stuff with the filler, but just a little, so that it isn’t too tough and inflexible.
Sew together white and pink paws details.
There should be four such details, two for each of the paws. Fold two details the front side inside and seam along the edges.
Turn out and stuff.
The same way we sew together and stuff the short lower paws.
Make such webs of the black threads on every paw.

sewing tutorial cat
Mark the middle of the pink base. Sew down the eyes.
Now, attach all the details to their proper places, using needles.
Cover with the second part of the basis and stitch along the pillow edges. Below, leave a stuffing hole.
Get rid of excess fabric in the corners. And turn the pillow out.

diy cat pillow
Let us make soft and very pretty ears for our cat. To do this, measure off 10 cm every which way from the corner, where the ear will be, and connect the points, using a chalk and a ruler.
Stitch with pink thread along the resulting line. At 2 cm from the edge stitch more lines. Do as shown on the photo.
Now let’s stuff our cat with the filler. Sew together. Sew down the nose.

sewing cat
Make whiskers with tambour stitch, using a needle and black thread.

  • At first, make whiskers on one side of the nose.
    And then, symmetrically on the other side of the nose.
    Use the same stitch to make the mouth.

sew pillow
Let’s get down to making the bow. Cut out a rectangle 28*13 of size.
Fold it in half and stitch. Stitch along one of the sides.
Turn out to the front side and sew up the second side. Cut a small strip and fix it in the middle of the bow, using a hot glue gun or a needle and thread.

bow for a catAlso, see how to sew a chair pad.

Glue the finished bow to the cat. Cut small circles out of black fleece – that will be the eyes. Glue them, using a glue gun. The “Pink Cat” is ready! Now, we know how to sew a cat pillow.

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