How to sew a chair pad

patches chair pad

When cutting out clothes, there are always unwanted shreds left. Sometimes, it’s difficult to think of their further usage, but you grudge such good fabric. I suggest sewing a chair pad, which prevents a chair’s real lining from getting dirty; moreover, you can always wash this self-made cover. The craft, shown below, is made of pieces of 2 different colors and decorated with fun applique patterns, which means children will definitely like it.

First of all, you are to measure off the chair in order to figure out, how many patches you will need to cut out. To make the chair pad shown on the photo, 9 rectangles of 12*14 cm were used. Bright colors well combine with neutral ones.

how to sew a chair pad
Make a pattern of cardboard. It is not advisable to make small applique patterns, it will be difficult to sew them round. Outline the cardboard figure on the fabric (using a pen or chalk) and then cut it out.


fabric patches

How to sew fabric appliques or patches


Pin an applique pattern to fix the figure while sewing it down, and seam it, using zigzag stitch, to each of the patches.

how to sew a fabric patches

sewing patches

sewing fabric appliques

sewing tutorial for chair

Then attach patches to each other. You will get three strips that you need to sew together into one cloth.

diy patches chair pad
Fold the welt (a wide elastic band, an elastic lacing or a strip, cut out of the fabric and folded in half) and the cover face-to-face. Leave 1-1.5 cm from the edge and stitch on the edge piping.

tutorial sewing for chair
If you make a chair pad for a kitchen stool, you can stuff it.

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