Sewing tutorial and pattern tilda tulips

fabric tulips

I would like to bring to your attention easy sewing tutorial for making very tender tilda tulips, which will fill every corner of your house with scent of spring! A woman of any age will be delighted to receive such a bunch.

To make the tulips you will need:

– two types of fabric: green and red (the most suitable – 100% cotton);
– holofiber (or padding polyester);
– a spotted satin ribbon;
– a thread matching the fabric color;
– scissors (zigzag or common);
– a needle;
– sewing pins;
– a sushi chopstick;
– a pattern;
– a marker for fabric (if there is no, you can take a writing pencil or a chalk);
– a sewing machine.

Pattern tulips

sewing tulip pattern

How to easy sew tilda tulip

Cut out the pattern details.

Take the green fabric and transfer a leaf (2 details) and a footstalk (1 detail) onto it.

Pile the leaf details face to face, fold the footstalk detail in half vertically and seam them, using sewing machine; do not forget to leave holes for turning out. Cut out the details with zigzag scissors (or with common ones, making notches transversely to the seam in every curved and concaved area), leaving seam allowances of about 5 mm.

how to sew a tulip

Then, take the red fabric and repeat the similar moves.

Turn the details inside out, using a sushi chopstick, and iron them.

Stuff the footstalk and the bud tightly with holofiber, do not sew up the holes for turning out.

sewing tutorial tulip

Take the bud and tight up its lower part manually, using a thread and a needle.

It is necessary to tight it up to fit our footstalk diameter, make no knot.

Insert the footstalk into the bud detail and sew them together, using small invisible stitch.

sewing tutorial fabric tulip

The result:

Take a leaf and pin it to the footstalk.

sew tulip

Sew down the leaf to the footstalk with green thread, using invisible stitch.

tulip sewing diy

Our tulip is ready!

tilda tulip

Make the rest of the tulips the same way. It looks nice, when a bunch consists of 7 or more flowers. Decorate the bunch with a satin ribbon matching the color of the buds.

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