How to sew an easy cat pillow or cat soft toy

easy cat pillow

Hi. Today I show how to sew a very simple pillow cat or soft cat, this cat can be sewn in 30 minutes.
This can be used if you want to make someone a gift. The site already has one cat)) Today is the second cat. And see how to sew seat pillow.

Sewing pattern easy cat pillow or cat soft toy

Pattern cat is very simple: it is a rectangle on top of which instead of a straight line drawn ears.

sewing pattern easy cat pillow


How to sew an easy cat pillow

easy sewing cat pillow
Sew two parts of the body of the cat, turn it out and fill it. The size of the rectangle = the size of the pillow. The tail is a rectangle, sew it together, turn it out, fill it and sew it to the body, twist it into a knot. Eyes – buttons, whiskers – a lace.

The cat toy is ready.

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