How to sew an angel doll

how to sew an angel doll

Handmade dolls are a unique gift, a wonderful toy or a stylish decor element. They are environmentally friendly. With these dolls it is safe to play children, they are pleasant to take in hands, they are pleasant to look at.
Today I show how to sew a doll

It will take: a cloth for the body of a doll, for a dress and wings, a filler for the body and wings of a doll: sintepon or another, for the hair: threads.

Pattern angel doll:

sewing pattern angel doll
How to sew a body doll

Print out a pattern, transfer it to a fabric of flesh-colored color, circle. Fold the fabric with the inside sides and puncture the pins. Sew on the contour, leave the hole to turn the body of the doll and filling. The same thing we do with the wings for the doll. Turn, fill and sew up the hole.

how to sew a body doll

How to sew a dress for a doll.

Dress for this doll is very easy to sew – it is sewn without a pattern. Cut out two pieces of fabric, suitable length, from above make a hole for embedding the tape, from below sew decorative tape or lace. We fold the two parts of the dress face-down inside, and sew them up from the bottom somewhere up to the middle. We take a pin and a tape, pass a hole in the hole with a pin, first in one detail of the dress, then in the other. Dress the dress on the body of the doll and tie a bow.

how to sew a dress for doll

Wings are sewn to the body dolls through a needle.

sewing tutorial doll
How to sew a simple dress for a Barbie doll was here.

How to make hair for a doll of threads

Hair for dolls can be made from thread for knitting. If you make hair out of the thread at once from the skein, then they will be straight, and if each thread is disbanded, they will be curly. Also, curly hair will be obtained if you already dissolve the already connected product, then the threads will be wound. We cut many strips, we sew them together in the middle. Now sew the obtained hair strip to the head of the doll.

how to make a hair for doll
Draw a permanent marker of the eyes and blush cheeks.

angel doll

Now you know how to sew an angel doll.

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