How to sew an easy felt cosmetic bag

easy felt pencil case

Hey. Today we’ll see how to sew a simple felt cosmetic bag, pencil case or coin case.
Sewing from felt is very simple – you do not need to process the edges, they do not crumble, and the make-up bag of the felt keeps the shape, firm.
We need: felt, zipper, scissors, pattern.

Sewing pattern cosmetic bag or pencil case, clutch :

easy sewing pattern cosmetic bag
To change the size of the pattern, you can redraw it from the screen of the monitor, increasing or decreasing it with the mouse.

If you print this pattern on A4 sheet, then the finished bag will be about 20 * 14 cm in size. This size is great for both cosmetic bag and clutch, which can be sewn from leather or fabric.

How to sew

Transfer the pattern to felt, cut it, sew a zipper.

how to sew cosmetic bag

sewing pattern pencil case

easy sewing tutorial cosmetic bag

Fold in half a cosmetic bag, face sides inside and stitch. Turn out the finished cosmetic bag through the unzipped zipper.

felt cosmetic bag or pencil case
Good luck. Pencil case is ready

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