Felt children’s bag tutorial (no sew)

felt rabbit bag

In this tutorial we will make a small felt children’s bag shaped as a cute rabbit ourselves.
For that, we will need the following materials and tools:
– milky felt 3 mm thick;
– pink felt 1 mm thick;
– A4 sheet of cardboard;
– 4 halves of black glass beads;
– transparent all-purpose “Dragon” glue;
– a writing pencil;
– a ruler;
– scissors.

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How to make a rabbit pattern


pattern rabit bag

Draw lineaments of a future rabbit on the cardboard freehand.

  • The first detail – is an oval body with ears. To make it symmetrical, fold the cardboard in half and cut along the line on one of the sides.
  • The second detail – is an oval of hind paws.
  • The third detail – is a tummy. Draw this detail, using the first detail as a basis.
  • Small details – the inner lineaments of the ears, drop-shaped heels and fingertips.

Felt rabbit bag tutorial

felt rabbit pattern

We will need two rabbits to make this bag. Accordingly, we need twice as much of each detail. Use patterns to transfer lineaments of the first and the second details onto the thick milky felt.
Cut out the details.
The rest of the details cut out of the thin pink felt.

  • Cut out the bag’s rectangular sidepiece 6 cm wide and half the perimeter of the rabbit body’s oval long of the thick felt. Make the bag’s handle of the milky felt as well. To do this, measure off and cut out a rectangle 3 cm wide and three times as long as the sidepiece of the bag.
  • Stick the pink tummies to the first details, using transparent all-purpose glue.
    Apply some glue on the sidepiece edge and stick it to one of the first details from the backside.
    Stick the remaining small parts, while glue is drying and until the sidepiece is well attached.
    Stick the remaining first part the same way.

diy tutorial felt children bag
Animate each snout with eyes of black bead halves and pink felt nose. Stick the hind paws to the almost ready rabbits. Everything is attached, using transparent glue.

  • Stick the handle to the sidepiece of the bag. Not to fix it with fingers, you can press the attaching points with clothes pegs.
    After glue has completely dried, the rabbit-shaped felt bag is ready!

felt children rabbit bag
The rabbit bag is rather robust. Now it can become not only a separate gift, but serve as an original packaging for other festive gift as well.

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