How to refashion bag or a patches bag

patches bag

Now patches bags and patches clothing in the trend. So I decided to make a bag with leather patches. How to make leather patches look here – it’s easy.
We need: a bag, patches, double-sided scotch, scissors.

how to make a patches bag
In order for the bag to be easily returned to its previous form, I decided that I will paste the patches on a double-sided scotch, because if glued with glue, it will be for a long time))
So, take the patch and paste on one side of the scotch, cut it out along the contour. Now peel off the second side of the scotch and stick it on the bag.

how to refashion bag

So we do with everyone else.

patches bag with ice cream patch

And everything is ready. Also, see how to refashion shirt – patchwork shirt.

bag with leather patches

Now we have a stylish bag – patches bag.


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