How to make leather patches

leather patches diy

Hello. Today I’ll show you how to make leather patches, which you can decorate your bag later, for example. For sure, it’s not a secret for anyone that things with patches are very popular now. They are sewn on jackets, jeans, bags, T-shirts, etc. The idea to make patches by oneself came after long searches to buy them in a store or on the Internet did not succeed. And they are in shops quite expensive. And then I caught a glimpse of scraps of skin that remained at home. I decided it was a great idea:

Tutorial leather patches

We will need: leather (scraps, small pieces), scissors, permanent marker.

How to make a pineapple leather patch.

First draw on paper pineapple, cut out. Take the green and yellow leather. Transfer to the skin pineapple and cut it. Then draw a permanent marker around the contour and draw it.

how to make leather patches

All. Leather patch pineapple is ready.

leather patch pineapple
In the same simple way, I made leather patches: lips, lipstick and ice cream.

leather patches diy utorial easy

It’s simple.

tutorial leather patches

Now look how I refashion the bag with these patches. How refashion shirt look here – patchwork shirt.

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