How to sew a chiffon dress for Barbie doll


Barbie doll is very popular among young girls. Children love to play with them and especially are fond of dressing the dolls up in various dresses. But unfortunately, it is quite expensive to buy a decent doll dress; however, most cheap clothes are made of God knows what – either paper or polyethylene. This is quite unpleasant.
I suggest making a gorgeous chiffon dress, which will suit not only Barbie doll, but later can be used as a skirt for any other doll. Moreover, this dress can be made by any mom who has a little bit of sewing machine operating skills.
This flowing dress features a magnificent draping and looks very elegant and gorgeous.

How to sew a dress for Barbie doll and how to sew a skirt:

So, first of all, we need to cut a circle out of a chiffon piece with a hole in the middle. The dress length (without seam allowance) from the chest to the floor comprises 19 cm. That is, the circle radius will be about 25 cm, including the hole and seam allowances.

  • Then, we catch up the bottom edge of our dress and make a casing (pocket for elastic) in the middle.

sewing barbie-skirt
Now, take a piece of ordinary linen elastic 14 cm long and run it into the casing, using a pin. Join the elastic edges and sew them together.

sewing barbie dress
We also will need a strip of chiffon about 70 cm long and 7 cm wide to make a belt for the dress. We simply fold the edges at the waist and stitch them, using sewing machine.

sewing tutorial for barbie dress
That’s all! A very nice-looking and gorgeous dress for Barbie doll is ready!

tutorial barbie dress
And here’s how you can use this dress as a skirt; in this case the belt acts as a palatine.
Good luck!

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