How to sew ruffle diaper cover, sewing pattern

Summer is drawing on! And that means, it’s time to prepare a summer outfit for your kids. I think, we’ll start with the popular diaper cover, called bloomers. These wonderful panties are functional, comfortable and what’s the most important – good-looking! Babies look just fine wearing them! Thanks to yoke and frills, these panties look like a skirt. However, they possess one advantage – do not ride up. It is very convenient.

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To sew ruffle diaper cover for your baby yourself, you will need:
• 16 cm of cotton;
• a small cut of cotton knitted fabric;
• elastic band;
• thread.

Let’s start

Sewing pattern ruffle diaper cover:

sewing pattern ruffle diaper cover

PDF digital sewing pattern here.

How to sew ruffle diaper cover, tutorial

1. Print or transfer the pattern. There is a square on the pattern for scale matching. It should be 5 by 5 cm of size. There are 2 lines at the leg cutout – the first is for the front part and the second for the back. Cut the paper pattern in the place specified.


Don’t be surprised that such a big pattern is suitable for a 6 months old baby. All this is designed to draw panties upon a diaper easily. You will adjust the width and length, using elastic bands.

2. Cut out the details from the knitted fabric. Add 0.5-1 cm seam allowances to every cut. Add 1.5 cm allowances for a self-belt to each of the leg cutouts.

tutorial ruffle diaper cover

How to sewing ruffle (frill)

3. Cut out frill ( ruffle) bands from the cotton fabric. You need to cut out two bands, with their length being equal to the fabric’s width. My fabric is 1.1 m wide. The first (upper) frill is 8 cm high and the lower one – is 7.5 cm.

4. Handle the lower cuts of future frills (ruffles), using roll stitch (or double turn-up). Handle the upper cut of the lower band, using an overlocker.

5. Here is what we get.

6. Now join each band and seam it to form a ring. Like this.

tutorial ruffles frills

7. Seam up the front and back parts of the diaper cover along the lower cut.

8. Handle the leg cutouts.

9. Seam up the side seams of the panties.

10. Allow 7 cm from the upper cut and draw a parallel line.

tutorial ruffle diaper cover

11. Basing on the drawn line, baste the lower layer of frills. Try to fold all the fabric smoothly.

12. Sew the frills round, using sewing machine.
13. Let’s get down to the yoke. Pile two parts of the yoke together face to face and stitch along the side seams.
14. Attach the yoke to the diaper cover face to face and insert the upper layer of frills between them.

sewing ruffle diaper cover pattern

15. Turn out.

16. It’s only left to handle the leg cutout. Fold the fabric inside to form a self-belt and seam it, using sewing machine.

17. Here’s what you should get. Now insert the elastic band. Avoid making it too tight, otherwise the panties may pinch a child’s legs.

18. The final touch – fold the panties’ upper cut and stitch it, using a double needle on sewing machine. Insert the elastic band of the desired length.

tutorial diaper cover ruffled frill

19. That’s it! Additionally, you can decorate the front part with a satin ribbon. Cute ruffle diaper cover are ready!

red ruffle diaper cover

Now your baby has the outfit to wear, while playing in a sandbox!

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