How to sew a jacket for a girl, sewing pattern

jacket for a girl

A little lady’s wardrobe should necessarily include other dressy-look garments in addition to dresses. A bolero or a jacket also fit into this group. Such a jacket will be irreplaceable at any celebration in a cool evening. Besides its direct warming application, it complements the dress as well, creating a certain image. Using a nice jacket, you can turn even a simple-looking dress into a more elegant and exquisite garment. Even if a young princess is just a few months old, it does not mean that it is early for her to be fashionable.

If you already set your sights on sewing a jacket for your daughter yourself, this sewing tutorial will give you a hand.

First of all, prepare all the necessary materials.

You will need (for a 6 months old child):
• cotton knitted material (I use interlock) 25-30 cm;
• interfacing fabric – 6х10 cm;
• 4 buttons;
• threads, needles.

Sewing pattern a jacket bolero for a girl

sewing pattern girl jacket

How to sew a girl jacket, sewing tutorial

Getting down to work.
1. Use the sewing pattern given.

pattern for jacket
2. Cut out all the necessary details of the fabric:
• back – 1 piece;
• front forepart – 2 pcs;
• sleeve – 2 pcs.
While cutting out, do not forget to add seam allowances to all the cuts, except the neck and the sleeves’ bottom cuts.
3. To decorate the sleeve creatively, we’ll make cuffs and closures. Cut out 2 rectangles with their width being equal to the sleeve width, and of 10 cm high. And two more 3×10 cm rectangles. These will be a closure “tails”.

how to sew a jacket
4. At the foreparts, you need to attach closure plackets made of interfacing fabric. This is important for stabilizing and strengthening the fabric. Cut out two 3×10 cm details of interfacing fabric. Attach them, using iron.

sewing details for jacket
5. Pin all the jacket details face to face.
6. Seam, using a sewing machine or an overlocker.
7. Turn the garment inside out and seam the side stitches together with sleeves.
8. Overlock the central borders or work them, using zig-zag seam.

diy-jacket-for-a girl
9. Seam the rectangles we have made for the cuffs in circle. Seam the small rectangles on both sides.
10. Turn the cuffs inside out and fold them in half lengthwise. Turn out the closure straps as well.
11. Sew down the cuff to the sleeve, inserting the strap inbetween.
12. These are the sleeves we got. The photo shows one sleeve turned out and the second already folded.

tutorial diy sewing bolero
13. Work the gorge, using trim. To do this, take a strip of fabric (of the same material) 27 cm long and 3 cm wide. Bind the gorge with the trim folded in three as shown on the photo.
14. First, tack a strip to the open cuts and to the center.
15. Evenly stretch the trim and tack along the entire gorge.
16. Sew down the trim, using a twin needle sewing machine.

jacket bolero diy
17. We’ve got twin stitch on the front and a zig-zag on the reverse.
18. Tuck the bottom cut of the jacket and fell it with a twin needle.
19. Fold the closure placket (the area, covered with interfacing fabric) in half and iron it out. Edge buttonholes and sew down buttons.
20. Sew buttons and straps to the sleeves.

tutorial with pattern
Here is the result! Now, and you know how to sew a jacket bolero for a girl:bolero for a girl

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