How to sew easy tote bag or eco bag

easy eco bag

Recently, eco-bags or fabric tote bags have become very popular, – bags made of linen. Capacious, natural, durable, stylish. Sew this bag is very simple.

We need:
– a piece of linen; Its width should be 145-150 cm, length – 50 cm;
– thread in the tone of the material or slightly darker;
– iron
– scissors;

Easy tote bag or eco bag tutorial

Before cutting, it is recommended to iron with steam so that the fabric is stuck.
For tote bag the size of the finished form 30 * 40 cm and a thickness of 10 cm cutting 2 rectangles 50 * 42 cm.

tote eco bag ttutorial
The parts of the eco bag, folded face to face and sewed together by two longitudinal and one transverse sides by a seam of 1 cm, the open cut of the seam should be swept.
After this, it is necessary to tighten the corners of the bag so that the result is a shoulder with a width of 10 cm.

easy diy tote bag
Then the tote bag unscrewed. The upper section of the bag to pressed 4 cm, and then allow the inside to be pinched by 2 cm.

sewing easy tote bag
The finished handles of the tote bag will have a size of 3 * 64 cm. To sew them, cut 2 strips 8 * 66 cm. Each of them should be pressed from both longitudinal sides in the side of the back side by 1 cm, and then press the part in half along the entire length.
Now, sew a stitch along the edge. The ends of the handles for the bag are pressed one side about 1 cm.

how to sew eco bag
After that, mark the arrangement of the handles on the bag. They start 5 cm from the top and 8 cm from the side folds.
Now sew the handles on the bag on the markings.
Eco bag or tote bag is ready. And see how to sew an easy felt cosmetics bag with pattern and refashion leather bag.

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