How to sew a seat pillow in window

seat pillow in window

Seat pillow in window – it’s very comfortable. You can sit on them, you can lie and look at the stars)) Also, they perfectly decorate the interior of the room.

My idea of sewing is as follows: sew separately 4 pillows. And sew a separately removable fabric cover with straps for these pillows of natural cotton fabric. Thus, the pillows will be versatile, and the fabric cover can be folded. And washed separately if it is dirty.
We need: a fabric for pillows about 110 * 195cm, fabric for a cover (here – linen) about 110 * 195cm, filler for pillows: sintepon, threads.

How to sew a seat pillow

First , we cut out the fabric for the pillows: four rectangles about 110 * 47cm in size. They turned out to be 55 * 47cm. Sew the rectangles, turn out, fill. Sew up the hole through which the pillow was filled.

how to sew pillows

Sewing pattern:

sewing pattern seat pillow in window
Sewing pattern seat pillow or fabric case for pillows is very simple – it is a rectangle of fabric. In which the edges are hemmed, fold it in half. Sew three lines to make the pillow compartments.

sewing tutorial seat pillow

From the fabric we cut out strips for strings. They need 8 pieces, 2 for each pillow. Sew the strings.
Ready cushions shoved in the compartment in the case. We tie the string. That’s all.

pillows in window

pillow in window tutorial

How to sew a cat, as in the photo – look here.

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