How to sew a round clutch

round clutch tutorial

An interesting miniature round clutch for money, phone and keys made of leather. Now the most necessary things will always be at hand.

Sew a round clutch, handbag, cosmetics bag is very simple. Also see how to sew others bags.

For sewing we will need:
• leather
• zipper (20-30 cm);
• needle, sewing thread, scissors;
• round plate of medium size, double-sided tape;
• A pen or marker for marking on the fabric.

A round clutch tutorial:

how to sew a rounde clutch

On the underside of the leather put a plate and circle (in total we create 2 such details).

Circles are cut out and on one of them make a note for the insertion of lightning.

Then cut out a small strip from the marked area (from both sides it is necessary to retreat by 2 cm) and sew a zipper here.

sewing tutorial circle clutch

To make a round clutch really round, you need to sew details from the outside. But first you should turn the edges. To do this, move 2 cm from all sides of the circle and create a new circle inside it of a smaller size.

Next, glue the tape on the inner strip around the entire circumference and tuck the edge.

Now you just need to sew two parts, making even and identical stitches in the opposite direction.

easy sewing circle leather clutch

At the end of the work, apply the handle, after which continue to sew the parts together with it.

The metal end of the buckle is removed, replacing it with a decorative charm of beads and leatherette residues.

And now an unusual round bag / clutch / cosmetic bag made of ordinary materials is ready!

circle leather clutch

With her every woman will feel irresistible and effective!

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