How to sew a travel holder or travel wallet

sewing travel holder

When you travel, you need more than usual, in everyday life, that everything is at hand. On a journey it is very important that everything be done promptly: to get a passport quickly, tickets for an airplane, a card, money, a pen, something to write down.

It happens that time goes on for a second, and if you look for a ticket or passport for a long time, for example, when you are late, you absolutely can not get anywhere.

That’s why, for these purposes there is a travel holder or a travel document wallet, in which everything is in one place. By the way, such a wallet can be used not only in travel. So now I show you how to sew a travel holder and a pattern. I hope you will benefit from this.

In travel holder there is: a passport and ticket pockets, a money compartment, a card compartment and a pocket for coin.

A travel holder made of cotton fabric is sewn, by the way this fabric has already been mentioned by me, so prepare the fabric, velcro, scissors, non-woven fabric and a piece of cardboard.

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Pattern holder

How to sew travel wallet

  • Two basic details of the holder are ironed with non-woven fabric to keep the fabric in shape. Cut out the same part from cardboard.
  • Cut out all the other details of the holder by 2 pieces, adding the allowances to the seams, sewing them with the inside sides and turning them out. Plot the line along the contour of the parts.

sewing tutorial travel holder

Sew velcro to the main part holder and a small pocket for coins. On a long pocket for money (he is on the right), sew a card compartment and a small pocket for coin.

  • On the left sew a long pocket for tickets and at the bottom a passport compartment. In the middle of a piece of gum sewn – this is for the pen.

Now, connect the main parts and the fastener for fasteners, sew, leave the top cut open, turn out. Inside, put the cardboard to keep the purse shape. Sew the hole.

how to sew travel wallet holder
That’s all, congratulations.

diy travel document wallet holder

The document travel wallet or travel holder is ready.

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