How to sew Spiderman soft toy

toy spiderman

It is completely incredible, how Spiderman manages to obtain the hearts of boys of all ages. Before learning to speak, young heroes stick their fingers up and throw the virtual spider web to everything they see. They collect all kinds of figures, clothes and lots of other items. We add this Spider-man plush toy master class to young heroes’ collection.

How to sewing Spiderman plush toy:

We will use strips of fake fur as stuffing and a clew as the basis. Roll a ball and fix it, using a caprone thread. Pull a children sock up the fur ball and tight with a thread again. Using the same caprone thread, mark eyes and mouth location. Just below, sew down a nose. Pull up the second sock atop.

sewing head spiderman

The sewing pattern for doll Spiderman.

body sewing pattern spiderman

Sew the body in accordance with the sewing pattern. Stuff with padding polyester.

spiderman toy body

Make feet.

feet spiderman

Based on the sewing pattern, draw the Spiderman costume and divide into separate parts leaving 5 mm outsize.

pattern toy

Sew together the back and the front parts. Sew down the head.

tutorial spiderman toy

Here we have our doll. Draw a spider web and a spider on the front and the back, using black acrylic paint (the easiest way of decoration). Glue eyes.

toy doll spiderman

The toy spiderman is ready.

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