How to sew a sleepy owl pillow or owl toy

sleepy owl soft toy

Hey. Today I’ll show you how to sew a sleepy owl pillow or an owl toy.
It will take: a fabric for an owl, a felt for the eyes, a cilium and a nose, a filler: a sintepon.
The size of the owl will affect its functionality: if the pattern is printed on A4 sheet, you will get an owl toy, and if you print it on 2 sheets, you will get a pillow.

Sewing pattern owl

2 pdf sleepy owl patterns: small pattern for owl soft toy and large pattern for owl pillow be found here.

How to sew a sleepy owl:

Cut out the details of the pattern and transfer them to the fabric: paws, wings and the body on the fabric, nose, eyes and cilia on the felt.

sewing owl tutorialPaws cut out four, wings in mirror reflection. Sew, turn out and fill it with sintepon. On both wings sew through and through three lines.

diy owl pillow sleepy

To the front part of the owl zigzag sew details from felt.
Next, the wings and paws are pinned to the back of the owl and sewed. Then put the both sides of the body of the toy inside and sew together. Leave the hole. Turn out through this hole and fill it with sintepon. Sew the hole.

how to sew an owl

Sleepy owl is ready.

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