High waisted thong DIY. Thong sewing pattern

High waisted mesh thong DIY

How to sew mesh thong.

The materials needed:

  • Stretch mesh,
  • A piece of knitwear for gusset,
  • An elastic trim to cover the cutouts,
  • Sewing pattern thong.

High waisted thong sewing pattern:

High waist thong PDF sewing pattern “Helen”


The Helen sewing pattern high waist thong panties an instantly downloadable PDF pattern. You can transform this pattern into any kind of lingerie you want. Any fabrics, any mesh or lace, any picot, fold-over or lace elastic, any sizes. Size range is from S to 2Xl. The sewing pattern is available in 5 sizes.

You can use an elastic band with a decorative festoon to cover the cutouts. The sewing pattern includes allowances for covering the cutouts with an elastic band. If you use the trim, then simply cut off the allowances for the cutouts and for the top of the panties on the paper pattern.

Cutting out the parts of the thong:

Fold the mesh in half with the right side inward. Cut out the back part with a fold, the front part with a fold, and two parts of the gusset – one from the mesh and the other one from knitwear.

High thong DIY

How to sew mesh High waisted thong.

Join together the front part of the thong and the mesh gusset right side to right side. Join the right side of the inner part of the gusset to the wrong side of the front part of the panties.

High waisted thong DIY

Such a seam will be completely closed after seaming.

Sew a connecting stitch allowance-wide – either a small zigzag, a knitted stitch, or a serger stitch.

Cut off excess allowance and the corners.

Put together the thong along the back seam of the gusset:

Pin together the back part of the thong and the mesh gusset right side to right side, then turn over the inner gusset and pin it together with these parts. Such a seam will be closed inside after turning over. Now, seam, then cut off the allowance.

Thong sewing pattern

We will put together the side seams using the French seam – it is completely closed and it looks very aesthetic. It is used for thin fabrics, lace, and mesh.

How to make the French seam: take the two parts of the thong and pin them together wrong side to wrong side. We will make the first stitch along the right side of the mesh.

High waisted thong how to sew

As we have pinned together the parts of the panties, sew the stitches at a distance of 0.5 cm from the edge.

thong DIY

After sewing both stitches, cut off the allowance close to the stitch, leaving about 0.3 cm.

Use a zigzag for seams to be stretchable and the stitches not to burst.

Turn over the thong on the wrong side and put the allowance inside. Now pin together the parts right side to right side, so that the seam and allowance remain inside. We now will sew the stitches on the wrong side. Sew the stitches at a distance of 0.5 cm from the edge.

That’s it! The stitches are made and the seams are hidden. Now we need to iron the seams to the side of the back part and sew a small zigzag at a distance of 1-2 mm from the edge of the seam. This is done to get  a flatlock and neat seam.

We now just need to cover the cutouts for legs and the top with elastic bands. To do this, measure the length of all thong cutouts. Subtract 10% from the length of the cutouts for legs + leave 1 cm allowance for seaming into a ring. Subtract 10% from the length of the upper cut + leave 1 cm.

Cut three pieces of the trim and seam each piece into a ring. To evenly distribute the trim, divide each cutout into four equal parts and mark them, and then divide each elastic band into four parts, as well. Coincide these marks and pin them together, putting the cut of the panties inside the trim.

mesh thong DIY

Sew a three-step or regular zigzag at the high of the trim.

sewing pattern thong

Process all three cutouts the same way.

High waisted thong DIY pattern

That’s all. New stylish high waisted thong are finished!

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