How to sew baby romper, free romper pattern

baby romper for girl

All new mothers will definitely agree that the most comfortable clothes for babies under a year of age are so-called “one pieces”. Such clothes do not ride up at the back, don’t come down and, thanks to lack of elastic bands, they do not pinch or graze either. One pieces include: jumpsuits, semi-jumpsuits, sleepsuits (they are also called manikins), bodies and rompers.
Today, I would like to show how to sew a romper. This type of clothes consists of the joint T-short and shorts. These are comfortable not only for playing in a sandbox, but for everyday strolls and as home clothing as well. To sew a romper of size 68 (for a six months old baby) you will need 0.5 meter of cotton knitted fabric and several buttons or snaps.

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Romper tutorial

1. It is advisable to wash the fabric preliminary. This is necessary in order to allow the fabric to shrink and distort. If you fail to do this, you may be unhappily surprised after washing the ready garment. Your romper not only will shrink, but may stretch as well.

The romper sewing pattern.

sewing pattern baby romper

You can easily zoom the picture to the size you need and outline it directly from the screen.

2. Cut out all the necessary parts.
3. The sleeves’ bottom bias should be handled, using twin needles on sewing-machine. To do this, leave 3.5 cm from the edge and draw a line. Fold the sleeve bias according to the line drawn and pin it.
4. Using a sewing-machine, make a twin needles stitch on the front side of the sleeve. To make a smooth stitch, watch the marking bar, located under the sewing-machine foot.
5. Here’s the result. The front and back side view. Let us put the sleeves aside for a time being.

tutorial baby romper
6. Pin the two parts of the back together, the front face inside. Sew together, using sewing-machine or overlocker.
7. You will need to duplicate a closing placket on both front foreparts. For this, we will use a strip of interfacing fabric of needed length and 3 cm wide. Use iron to attach.
8. Now make shoulder seams. Sew together the front foreparts and the back.

sewing tutorial romper
9. Now it’s time for sleeves. Sew them into the armholes.
10. Turn the romper the seamy side without and pin the side seams. Sew together the garment from the sleeve to the bottom with the single seam, as the photo shows.
11. Fold the closing plackets in halves, lay against each other and pin.
12. Now join the center parts of the back and the forepart in the leg seam area and pin.

baby romper sew
13. Pin and sew together the leg seam.
14. Gorge handling. Cut out a 21х5 cm strip of elastic fabric (ribbing). Slightly round the edges. Fold the strip in half lengthwise.
15. Pin it to the gorge and sew down.
16. Pay attention to the edges. Turn the placket inside out and insert a collar edge in there.

how to make baby romper
17. Here is what you should get. On the right, a corner being sewn together is shown. And on the left, you can see it done and turned inside out.
18. Sew down ribbing turns to the bottom edge of the legs. To do this, take two 25х4 cm strips. Circle the strips and fold them in half. Sew them down to the bottom of the legs circle-wise.
19. It’s only left to attach buttons. I do it, using this simple device. You can buy it in a sewing trims shop. If you don’t have such an opportunity, then sew down snaps.

diy romper

This way we’ve made the romper ourselves.

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