How to sew up a hole or refashion shirt

patchwork shirt

Hello. Today, I’ll show you how to sew up a hole in a shirt and at the same time refashion the shirt. This idea for refashion shirt is suitable not only for torn clothing)) So you can decorate any clothing at your discretion.
I had a shirt with a hole that needed to be sewn.

how to sew up a hole shirt

For the idea, I decided to take patchwork elements – patchwork shirt. It’s very simple: we need a thing that is subject to change and small pieces of different fabrics. I cut out three rectangles of cotton fabric, which I have left from sewing travel holder. Then I pressed into the edge of the fabric, and sewed the first rectangle into place the hole, and the rest in other places.


refashion shirt

And that’s all. The patchwork shirt is ready.

patchwork womans shirt

Agree, it’s simple!

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