How to draw a print on a t-shirt


Hey. Let’s see how to refashion t-shirt or how to draw a print on a t-shirt at home. By this technology, you can refashion various things: ¬†shirts, dresses and more.

In order to draw a print on the shirt you will need:

  • Acrylic paint on fabric
  • Drawing
  • Shirt – it should be made of natural materials, so that the paint does not wash out and retains its color.

How to draw a print on a shirt

Take the picture you want to transfer to the fabric, and make a template out of it: cut out the picture.

glasses template

Now take the shirt, put a cardboard inside so that the paint does not leak to the other side. Using adhesive tape, glue the template – the stencil from the cut out pattern on the tank top.

Take the paint and draw the picture through the stencil. When the paint dries, the pattern needs to be ironed from the wrong side (read the instruction for the paints that will be used to draw the print).

refashion shirt

That’s all. Wash properly, iron from the wrong side.

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