How to sew a belt bag or refashion bag

how to sew belt bag

Today I’ll show how to sew a belt bag or fanny pack. This bag is perfect for traveling, as well as a travel holder and just for walking. The belt bag is very convenient to carry everything that should be at hand: phone, money, keys, documents, and hands will be free – you can take photo, for example. And, of course, the belt bag can be worn over the shoulder, since the strap is adjustable.

I decided to sew a stylish bag with roses leather appliques. Appliques and patches are now in trend. I’ll be in the trend also))

refashion old bag
I had an old bag.


How to sew belt bag with leather roses

I ripped it open. Strap left the same as in the old bag, it is adjustable. To the back of the bag sew a few pieces of leather to lengthen it. From a small piece of leather make a hack, for which fix the strap. Belt bag is sewn very simply.

how to sew belt bag

  • Fold in half the detail of the bag face-down inside. Stitch around the perimeter of the bag, sew the strap into the side seams. Turn zipper through the fastener. For this, zipper needs to be unbuckled from the inside. The bag is ready.

Leather roses tutorial

Now let’s make are leather roses on the bag.

how to make leather roses
How to make are leather patches or appliqués I already wrote here. Let’s continue.

  • You need to draw a drawing that you will paste on the bag. I drew roses and leaves. Transfer the drawing to leather of different colors and cut out the details of the roses. Draw on the leather contours with a marker. And glue the roses and leaves on a double-sided scotch, cut out, paste this leather roses on the bag.

belt bag with leather roses
Now you also know how to sew a stylish belt bag with roses leather appliqués or patches.

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