How to draw a simple print on a dress

How to draw a simple print on a dress

How to refashion a dress or how to draw a simple print on a dress. Recently I have already shown how to draw a print on a shirt with a template. Today I will show you how you can draw a print without a template or a stencil.

If you have a dress or a t-shirt that has long been waiting for a “second life”, or you want to refashion your old things, this method is ideal for you.


printing dress

To do this, you will need acrylic colors for the fabric and sticks (matches, brush).

how to draw simple print

How to draw a simple print

Take the dress, acrylic colors and draw colorful points on the dress. All you need to do is draw points. Points can draw various figures, flowers for example.

easy refashion dress

When the paint has dried, gently press the dress on the back side so that the print is fixed. Now your new dress is ready.

Include imagination, and go! Good luck.

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